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Hampi, Karnataka India

As busy as its been in the office, I got a free weekend to go to Hampi with my co-workers/roommates. What was once a huge bustling developed indian city is now filled with ruined architecture and tourists, but it is still amazing nonetheless. Even though it was about 40 degrees celsius(104 fahrenheit), we didn’t let that stop us from seeing just about everything there is to see in 2 days.

Trip to Ooty and Conoor

This is why I love India. I made a split second decision at 7pm on Friday night after one of my friends from work invited me to go on a trip with them to Ooty/Conoor in the state of Tamil Nadu(South India). I had no idea what I was in for except for some pictures I had seen on google.¬†We left at 1am on Friday and drove for 7 hours, bottle of whiskey in hand. When we finally got there I was dead tired, but blown away by how beautiful it was, so I didn’t sleep, I just kept going. Check out some pics below.